Driving innovation in financial products across ASEAN

March 1, 2019

Driving innovation in financial products across ASEAN

Bangkok Bank InnoHub was launched in 2017 to drive innovation and help merge new technologies with traditional banking processes. The accelerator program works with startup companies around the world to improve the banking experience for customers, as well as banking and financial processes for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This year Bangkok Bank InnoHub has been collaborating, mentoring and guiding startups from various fields, ranging from artificial intelligence platforms to data tracking and accounting applications. The participants will be led by financial professionals from Bangkok Bank, Bualuang Ventures and Nest, an international venture firm and innovation provider.

Startups that fit into the following themes were encouraged to apply to this year’s program:

  • Creating a unique customer experience
  • Digitization and automation
  • Future SME solution
  • Innovative payment
  • Discovering cutting edge technology

Bangkok Bank’s InnoHub is different from other accelerator programs in that the bank works directly with the startups in a fully immersive program. Startups receive guidance from some of the keenest minds in the financial field during the 12-week intensive program.

Bangkok Bank knows it is vital to embrace technology and innovation in banking and business processes to lead the industry to a sustainable future. Technology startups are rapidly changing the way business is done, and the financial sector has to keep up to date to ensure it provides customers with the support, engagement and satisfaction they desire.

Other than receiving invaluable mentoring and information from industry experts, startups engaged in the program also gain vital exposure to Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy.

Click on the links below to read more about seven of this year’s finalists.

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