Know your customers better with VR Eye-tracking technology

May 23, 2019

Know your customers better with VR Eye-tracking technology

           The business world gets more competitive every day as organizations seek new strategies to gain advantage in the market and respond to customer needs more efficiently. Using the right technology to meet changing customer needs is becoming more critical to the survival and success of a business.

           Virtual reality eye-tracking — which detects eye movement, pupil dilation, and the direction of sight — is one such technology. It is now being used in various industries from food to sports, and even healthcare, to support market analysis, learn more about consumer behavior, and create better customer experiences.

           American cereal brand Kellogg recently worked with Accenture — a company specializing in technology — and Qualcomm to use eye-tracking technology with their new Pop Tarts Bites product. It analyzed consumer behavior and buying choices which enabled the brand to adjust its in-store merchandising to drive better sales. In the test, which was conducted twice, users wore VR glasses which enabled them to browse and shop in a virtual world.

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           In the first test, Pop Tarts Bites were put on the shelf on the top left side together with a sign with promotional details. It was found that the consumers’ eyes landed on the sign first before glancing to the near-by products, then looked back at Pop Tarts Bites again for a longer time. The result revealed that people tend to look for new products on the top shelf.

           In the second test, Pop Tarts Bites were put on the bottom right side of the shelf. It was found that consumers’ eyes landed on the sign first before glancing at near-by products similar to the first test. However, with this arrangement, nearby products received more attention and increased sales rate of other products by 18%.

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            This test demonstrates one way that eye-tracking technology can help brands better understand consumer behavior and reduce the significant time spent on research.

           Eye-tracking can also be used with other kinds of work, such as the development of product design, user experience, or even the usability of websites. Comparing the eye movement of users with content on the website can help determine which areas are of most interest. This helps developers to consider changing, adding, or designing a webpage to better engage users. There are also several other technologies used to understand more about consumer behavior which can be used with several types of businesses. We’ll explore these exciting technologies in future articles.

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