Bangkok InnoHub congratulates FundRadars global success.

November 9, 2018

Bangkok InnoHub congratulates FundRadars global success.

           As one of our global accelerator startups, Bangkok Bank InnoHub congratulates FundRadars on receiving the title ‘popular vote’ from Finovate Asia 2018, which was held in Hongkong on October 30, 2018.

           FundRadars is a Fintech startup established by Max Theerachat Kortakool which provides an app that conveniently monitors your mutual funds and finance. Last year FundRadars joined with Bualuang Fund to improve the BF Mobile Application Service so that investors can access data with ease. FundRadars has received worldwide recognition as the only Fintech startup from Thailand that has been selected to present their work at Finovate Asia 2018. Not only that, but FundRadars also received the ‘Popular Vote’ title after receiving the most votes from the audience.

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