The Next Generation of Customer Service with AI, AR, VR and Chatbot

October 10, 2018

The Next Generation of Customer Service

with AI, AR, VR and Chatbot

           For any business, the customer is the main source of revenue that sustains and grows the company. The phrase ‘the customer is always right’ emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining a strong customer base, so many businesses are now adopting various technologies such as AI, AR, VR or Chatbot to enhance the capability of their customer services.

           At Frankfurt Airport, a friendly Chatbot AI, FRAnky will help you search for flight information, update flight status and provide you with information on airport amenities, including teaching you how to access free WiFi. On the other hand, Copenhagen Airport has adopted AR in its airline customer service application by showing a virtual map and amenities via Smart Glass, creating an impressive customer service experience despite some limitations.

           Virtual Reality (VR), which is a technology that generates an interactive 3D environment, is also used to create new customer experiences. The global home decor store IKEA has recently provided a service called IKEA Virtual Reality Showroom, where customers can try out furniture in a virtual room before making the decision to buy. This guarantees customer satisfaction by allowing them to see how the products would actually look in their homes.

           Many other businesses are now integrating AI, AR or VR technologies into various aspects of their customer services. Sephora, the main beauty e-commerce channel, uses AI-powered Kik chatbot not only for product recommendations but also to provide beauty tips that align to each customer’s personal style which eventually leads to repurchases and deeper customer insights.

           In the banking industry, an excellent example of an AI-powered chatbot is Erica from Bank of America. It started out as just a balance checking chatbot but has now developed to the point where it can interact with customers like a real person, providing accurate information, payment alerts and even complimenting a customer on their saving habits. This has created a positive experience for customers which eventually leads to a good corporate image.

           While the successes in using these technologies have attracted the attention of many businesses, there are still some hurdles to overcome. For example, banks cannot replace humans with such technologies to mediate all financial transactions. However, they can generate buzz and stimulate positive feelings between the business and its customers. It is also a worthwhile avenue for FinTech startups to explore in order to create a unique customer experience for their clients.

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