Unveiling InnoHub’s intensive 12-weeks program for Season 2

           Following the end of application in late October, InnoHub committees had worked hard to come up with our 8 finalists. Congratulations to Antworks, Cryptomove, EYWA Media, Jumper.ai, Pand.ai, Pymlo, Sepulsa and Vymo! Now we’re going to give you a sneak peek into our intensive 12-weeks program for those who might have wondered.

           The eight finalists of InnoHub Season 2 will be working closely with mentors from Bangkok Bank to discuss business potential and partnership. InnoHub have specially curated the course to introduce Thai start-up ecosystem, Thai laws and regulations, and other related matters to accelerate the growth of the business, assist with branding, and help the start-ups break into Thai Market.

           InnoHub Season 2 program includes sharing sessions from our already successful and global start-ups from Season 1 and networking opportunity with investors. The outline of the program is as followed:
           • Introduction to Bangkok Bank
           • Business landscape and investment in Thailand
           • Thai start-up ecosystem
           • Thai laws and regulations
           • Market assessment and strategy

           As you can see, there are a lot to learn in 12 weeks. We are sending them our best regards and will be looking forward to more exciting news soon!

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