Bangkok Bank first to launch Mobile ID, an identity verification service via the “atta” app allowing customers of mobile operators to do financial transactions

December 16, 2021

Bangkok Bank first to launch Mobile ID, an identity verification service via the “atta” app allowing customers of mobile operators to do financial transactions

Bangkok Bank has launched Mobile ID, a digital identity authentication service for making financial transactions. The service supports customers of AIS, DTAC and TRUE to open a bank account or apply for mobile banking online via the “atta” app anytime, anywhere. Branch visits are also made easy with verification using customers’ phone numbers. The Bank continues to enhance digital capabilities to provide greater convenience and security.

Bangkok Bank Executive Vice President Kukkong Ruckphaopunt said Bangkok Bank is the first bank to launch digital identity verification using mobile phone number or Mobile ID for customers of AIS, DTAC and TRUE. Customers with a Mobile ID can apply for banking services without needing to use any paper documents. Transactions can be made easily and securely anytime, anywhere.

Once customers have successfully registered for a Mobile ID with their mobile operators, they can use it to verify themselves to conduct two types of transactions with Bangkok Bank.

  1. Online Transactions – Customers can use Mobile ID to open an e-Savings account and apply for Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking on the “atta” application which was specially developed by Bangkok Bank to support the use of Mobile ID registered with mobile operators’ mobile apps. The Mobile ID enables customers to enjoy digital banking anywhere, anytime without having to visit a branch or prepare any document. (AIS customers can use the Mobile ID service via the “atta” and myAIS apps).Developed by Bangkok Bank, “atta” is a smartphone application that supports both iOS and Android operating systems for identity verification with Mobile ID by acting as a link between the user (the customer who wants to verify their identity to make transactions) and the relying party (public and private organizations) as well as mobile operators participating in the Mobile ID project.
  2. Branch Transactions – Customers can use Mobile ID to verify ownership of their mobile phone numbers for opening accounts at a bank branch. They can open deposit account with or without a debit card; apply for Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking, Bualuang iBanking and SMS Account Alert; as well as open a mutual fund, securities trading or bond account at nine Bangkok Bank branches, namely Bangkok Bank Head Office, Chamchuri Square, The EmQuartier, Central Embassy, Central Ladprao, The Crystal 2, Central Village, Future Park Rangsit 2, The Mall Ngamwongwan. (For DTAC and TRUE customers, please use the Mobile ID service via your DTAC/TrueID apps).

“The Mobile ID service uses technology to facilitate the transaction process without the need to carry a Citizen ID or verify your identity. You can use your Mobile ID in place of your Citizen ID. Online banking can be done easily anytime, anywhere. A visit to a branch is easy as you can verify your identity by using your phone number. More importantly, it’s reliable and safe thanks to the use of modern technologies such as blockchain and multi-factor authentication. Customers can simply apply for the Mobile ID service and authenticate themselves once with the mobile operator to do transactions with Bangkok Bank as well as other services which will gradually be launched in the future.”

The Mobile ID project was initiated by Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) together with Thailand’s mobile operators, Department of Provincial Administration, Department of Land Transport and the Social Security Office. The parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on system development of authentication and verification using electronic identification cards on mobile phones, also known as “Mobile ID”. The first trial of Mobile ID was done between AIS and Bangkok Bank.

Mr. Kukkong added that it is crucial for financial services to accurately verify customers’ identities to ensure transactions’ security. Therefore, Bangkok Bank continues to focus on the development of new technologies and innovations of financial services to facilitate customers and to be in line with future trends where digitalization will become more important. At the same time, the Bank continues to place great emphasis on the security of its customers to reinforce its credibility as a leading financial institution.

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