Bangkok Bank InnoHub Partnership Program

The program allows you to efficiently collaborate with one of Thailand and Southeast Asia’s largest commercial banks.

About the Program

After two successful seasons of Bangkok Bank InnoHub’s accelerator program, we changed our engagement model to the Bangkok Bank InnoHub Partnership Program. The Program accepts applications on a rolling basis with the objective to be more open and approachable all year round. Technology companies can apply to InnoHub for a structured engagement program. Once selected, the company will engage with experts from Bangkok Bank and Bualuang Ventures who will guide them through a process designed to provide technology companies with the opportunity to secure a Proof-of-Concept (POC) and Pilot Project with the bank, as well as potential investment. Other stakeholders, such as consortiums, organizations and government agencies can contact InnoHub for potential collaboration.

Area of Focus

We are looking to work with startups and technology companies to create solutions that benefit Bangkok Bank’s retail and corporate customers and add value to the financial ecosystem across the following strategic themes:

Why Bangkok Bank InnoHub Partnership Program?

Bangkok Bank InnoHub Partnership Program connects local and international startups, innovators and thought leaders with consumers, businesses and SMEs across the region.

We collaborate with local and international tech companies and talent. We aim to add value to the local and regional ecosystems by drawing on our extensive network, experience and expertise to hardwire innovation into our banking services to satisfy customers, create new experiences and offer new products and services.


This program extends beyond traditional seminars that focus only on the basics of building a business. Instead, the Bangkok Bank InnoHub Partnership Program assigns a dedicated champion to each technology company in order to understand their unique needs and ways of working. Experts from Bangkok Bank’s business and technical teams will guide each participant towards a potential pilot that will help them secure meaningful partnerships in the future.

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Access Bangkok Bank and Nest’s global network of specialists in technology integration adoption

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Gain guidance through a structured process working towards a potential pilot integration project with Bangkok Bank

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Investment advice from Nest and Bualuang Ventures, who have a fund dedicated to investing in high-potential growth-stage companies in Thailand and overseas

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Exposure to the innovation ecosystem in Thailand and a network in Asia as a foundation for future expansion

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Access to customer insights regionally and internationally via one of Thailand’s largest commercial banks

We Are Proud Of Our Alumni