Here they come! Female chatbots are coming to help bank customers

May 20, 2019

Here they come! Female chatbots are coming to help bank customers

           Chatbots can help improve customer service by providing fast, intelligent responses around the clock. Many of you may have used this technology by chatting with online shops via social media platforms, such as Facebook Messenger or LINE, to find out more information about products and services.

           The financial industry is also making use of similar technology. As well as being able to respond quickly and accurately to queries, businesses can aim to develop chatbots that have their own personalities. People nowadays are becoming more familiar with female chatbots such as Amy, Debbie, Inka, Mia, and others. Advanced chatbots can feel less like a robot and more like a familiar member of staff from their regular bank.

           These chatbots are designed with a distinct personality to help aid their familiarity and authenticity. Key elements include their own voice, way of speaking, gender, and a style of dialogue. This can change how customers think and feel about these chatbots compared to past versions. A slight adjustment can establish an imaginary individual that exists firmly within the user’s mind. For example, the British version of Siri uses a voice with a British accent which gives the users the feeling of speaking with a native speaker.

           With this concept in mind, financial institutions are paying more attention to the personality of their chatbots. Several banks have chosen to make their general customer service chatbots female in order to achieve a gentler and friendlier image. Various accents are also used depending on the dialect spoken in the area, and their speaking style is adjusted to be more suitable with the age of the customers.

By giving them names and personas, a human touch is added to these chatbots. When they can express emotions or individual characteristics through their conversations, it makes their exchanges with customers feel more natural. This makes customers more at ease in talking to them and is another way to represent a brand’s image.

Chatbot development nowadays requires greater attention to smaller details to create the best possible experience for customers. That is why Bangkok Bank InnoHub Season 2 has selected start-ups like, the creator of chatbots that can respond to the need of consumers naturally and perfectly, which helps enhance costumer experience and satisfaction.

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