Give your business the upper hand with low-code

April 9, 2019

Give your business the upper hand with low-code

           Every organization needs to constantly change in order to keep up with the pace of the modern world. As a result, more companies are encouraging their people to innovate or organize their work digitally. The “Low-code Development Platform” is helping increase a business’s competitiveness in this fast-changing world.

           The term “Low-code” might not mean much to those outside of the IT space. In its simplest terms, Low-code is a platform that simplifies application development or website creation by letting you do it without needing to know how to code. It focuses more on logical specifications, data analysis, and visual design. A normal application is usually created with complicated coding and might take up to six months to complete. With a Low-code Platform, people can easily create various kinds of application by themselves. This adds to the idea of “citizen developers” or how people who are not specialist programmers can help develop software by themselves. Many countries see so much potential in this platform that it seen as a key factor that will revolutionize they way we work and how we develop software.

An example of Low-code (source:

           Mendix is a Low-code Platform provider that targets software and application developers and is popular among users in Europe and America. Its AntTail, prescription follow-up application, is used worldwide. IoT (Internet of Things) technology is used to increase transparency in the process as every step can be checked from order request and transportation to when the medicine is received. Sensors installed on the containers record data and send a notification when they are not stored in the right condition. Another example of the use of Low-code is KLM, the national airline of the Netherlands, which uses a Low-code based application to track their airplane parts’ data and send it in real-time to their engineers to prevent malfunctions. You can also imagine your HR manager creating an application that will automatically create information collection forms for new applicants or survey workflows without needing technical support from IT.

           Low-code can help you discover and apply cutting-edge technology at work and in service development. It is also an important key that can enable corporations to more easily create software to meet specific client needs. With the benefits of it easy-to-use and time-saving platform, it won’t be long until Low-code becomes really popular in Thailand. The use of these new platforms and open-minded organizational cultures that encourage workers to work with technology will enhance working potential and give your business an advantage in this competitive world.

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