AI matchmaker

February 13, 2019

AI matchmaker

           It goes without saying that AI is creeping its way into every facet of our lives, be it the music we listen to, the videos we watch, or the content we see in our Facebook newsfeed. All of these are personalized to us with the help of AI, whether we are aware of it or not.

           Apart from content personalization, AI has proven to be incredibly useful when it comes to matchmaking.

           Have you ever caught yourself trying to find a date who looks like your ex or celebrity crush? Well, if your answer is yes, then this British dating app — Badoo — provides a perfect solution. With the implementation of AI and facial recognition technology, the app allows you to find a perfect match based on your preferences. Simply upload a picture of someone of your type and leave the rest to Badoo; it will select the right match for you among its database of over 400 million users worldwide.

           Alternatively, if personality and physical appearance are equally important to you, then you might find yourself in love with Lara, an AI chatbot developed by in collaboration with Google. Lara will act as a dating coach throughout your dating journey, from selecting suitable matches based on your preferences (age, location and interests) to sending you their contact details for instant communication. Whether you are struggling with finding the perfect date location or need advice on how to start a conversation or what to wear, Lara will provide a range of dating advice to help you overcome your first-date nerves.

           If social media is already part of your life, then you might find this British dating app, Loveflutter, even more intriguing. The app deploys AI technology and gleans personality information from social media, specifically Twitter, to analyze user profiles for compatibility. It allows users to learn about their match through a 140-character description, in addition to personal information such as profile pictures, occupation, and political views. Like Lara, the app will also suggest ideal date locations based on both people’s preferences.

           With the increasing adoption of AI and the emergence of dating apps, our search for a perfect match has never been easier. Don’t forget that a stable and lasting relationship depends on two people. With that being said, we hope these dating apps introduced by Bangkok Bank InnoHub will leave many singles feeling more hopeful this Valentine’s Day.

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